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Handmaids in America

An Important Point of Law

The Week Ahead

Five Questions With Former Assistant Manhattan DA Karen Friedman Agnifilo

Cohen on Cross


Justice Alito

Do you believe Michael Cohen?

Cohen in Court

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Five Questions with Jill Wine-Banks, Former Watergate Prosecutor

Getting to Michael Cohen

Wednesday with Chickens

"What Could Go Wrong?"

Courting Disaster

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How It’s Done

Five Questions with Authoritarianism Expert Ruth Ben-Ghiat


Frogs Continue to Ignore Rising Temperatures


Biden v. Fox News

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Saturday Night

Five Questions with Dara Kass, Emergency Room Physician and Women's Rights Activist

Presidential Immunity

Wednesday When The News Kept Happening

Opening Statements: Catch-and-Kill to Elect Trump

The Results of the Sandoval Hearing: Cross-Examining Trump?

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Five Questions with Reporter Adam Klasfeld: Insights From Inside the Trump Trial Courtroom

A Better Link

Trump: Will He or Won't He?

SCOTUS: Corruption and Obstruction


Trial in Manhattan

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Five Questions with Kristy Parker, Special Counsel at Protect Democracy

Lara Trump's Dangerous Lie

Welcome to 1864

Desperation and Delay

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Judge Cannon Rules

Five Questions with Youth Voting Activist Victor Shi

Judge Cannon Gets the Response She Deserves

Trump's Delay Tactics in Manhattan Continue

Tonight: Bad Weather & Recusal

The Expanded Gag Order

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Five Questions with Molly Jong-Fast

We Need to Talk About This

Gagged in Manhattan

Good News from Alabama


Understanding the Manhattan DA's Criminal Case Against Trump

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Saturday Night

Five Questions with Cecile Richards

More Than Trump

But Really, Just File a Motion to Recuse Already

Four Corners

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Five Questions with District Attorney Mimi Rocah

Snarkier Takes Tonight


The Prosecutor & The President

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Five Questions with Barb McQuade

SOTU: Let Biden be Biden

Trial Prep: Manhattan

The "Oathbreaking Insurrectionist"

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Your Weekend Talking Points: Immigration

We're Going To Need More Coffee

The Supreme Court Disappoints

Two Sets of Motions

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Saturday Night

Five Questions with Heidi Przybyla

Life Starts at Conception, But...

When SCOTUS leaves it up to the States...

Contempt & Accountability

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Five Questions with Former Senator Russ Feingold

Who's on Trial, and When?

The Manhattan DA's Case

Mr. Trump goes to the Supreme Court

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Five Questions with Steve Vladeck

The 14th Amendment Takes Center Stage

Mar-a-Lago Update

He's Not Immune

Judge Engoron's Email

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Five Questions with Timothy O'Brien

Still Waiting

Texas Ignores the Constitution and the Rule of Law

It's been too long!

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$83.3 Million

Trump Testifies

No More Excuses

Voter Suppression in New Hampshire

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If Congress Can Do This...

Day Two

How To Pick Your Jury

Tomorrow at the Supreme Court

A Quick Correction

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If you can't win, call the judges corrupt


What's your motivation for keeping Trump out of the White House?

Trump's Bad Day in Court

Best Laid Plans

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Abortion: It Keeps Getting Worse

Another January 6 Anniversary

Trump Files a Motion to Hold Jack Smith in Contempt

Colorado goes to the Supreme Court

A Warning

Happy New Year 2024

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