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It's been too long!


Tonight, I thought I’d share some chicken pictures with you, now that I’m back in Birmingham. We’ve been through ice, snow, and all sorts of cold and then rainy weather down here since last you saw them. Things are very messy. For about ten days, I climbed down the hill every few hours, minding the slippery bits, to take them fresh water. Their water bar was completely frozen over and the dishes we set out froze quickly, too. Suffice it to say, they stayed warm in their lovely coop and covered up in their run as they ran around and ate the special treats we brought them, but they haven’t been the happiest of chickens.

But today is a little warmer and lovely, and even though Leeda gave me this serious stank eye when I went out to spend time with them, they all seemed very pleased by the change in weather.

The Silkies—Pumpkin, Penelope, and Pepper—always manage to stay beautiful, no matter how awful the weather is. Here’s Pumpkin looking like she’s fresh from a spa visit, despite all the mud and rain and mess around her.

Even though he can be annoying and loud, our Rooster, Scotch, really is a beautiful boy. He was especially happy about this offering of delicious freeze-dried worms. (Yuck!)

In any event, it’s been a beautiful day here. I’m happy to be back home with my chickens and with my family. And, of course, with Bella, who has not left my side since I walked in the door.

Ruth and Leeda wish you the happiest of weeks. I do, too.

We’re in this together,



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