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Things Republicans Said This Year

What does the new reporting about Kenneth Chesebro mean?

Jack Smith Lays Out His Strategy

Can Trump Voters Be Persuaded to Reconsider?

Merry Christmas

Let's Debunk This

Trump Wants More Delay

Next Steps

Twenty Four Hours of Trump

The Week Ahead

Sometimes, we can all get along.

What Trump wants to do to America

Taking A Moment

Wednesday Round Up

Can A Court in Tennessee Rule Against You If You Live In California?

Jack Smith's Bold Move

The Week Ahead

Trump, Gagged Again

Giving The Gift of Civil Discourse

What Jack Smith Says

The Chickens You Deserve

A Revenge Impeachment

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Big Losses for Trump!

Five Questions with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Festivus in the House of Representatives

John Eastman Wants to Go to Trial

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A Very Trump Thanksgiving

Giving Thanks

Gag Order. Appealed and Argued.

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Five Questions with Alexander Vindman

Getting off on the right foot

Trump on Univision

Trump Drops the Pretense of Democracy

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Cameras in the Court: An Overnight Update

Five Questions About Cameras in the Courts with Media Lawyer David Bodney

Frogs Boiled: What Trump is Planning for a Second Term

Deep Dive: Trump's Motions to Dismiss the D.C. Prosecution

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Judge Cannon's Response

Five Questions with Ben McKenzie: Crypto and Sam Bankman-Fried

Late Breaking Trump News

An Appreciation Post for Toot the Chicken

Catch Up

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Five Questions with Fair Fight CEO Cianti Stewart-Reid


Cooperation vs. Immunity

Thank U, Next


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More Bad News for Trump

A Bad Day for Trump

Worth Noting: On Immigration

Twice Gagged

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Only Pretty Things Tonight

SCOTUS Hears Another Gerrymandering Case

A Subtlety of Criminal Procedure

Stress & The Knitter

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Five Questions with Supreme Court Expert Dahlia Lithwick

Not a quiet Thursday

Only Chickens

Losing & Gagging

About Merrick Garland

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This is how we do it

Looking Ahead: The Supreme Court

Judge Cannon Enters a Minute Order

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A Senator Gets Indicted

Are You Registered?

I know, I know

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Five Questions with Former Delaware U.S. Attorney Charlie Oberly

60 Years

The Tortoise and the Hare of Criminal Cases

Impeachment and Recusal

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Five Questions with Congressman Eric Swalwell

Short Weeks

Things That Happened Today

Motions to Sever: When you don't want to go to trial alongside people you committed crimes with.

Tonight, no politics

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Three Things for Your Labor Day Picnic

The Ruling in Peter Navarro's Case & A Lesson About Justice

A Trial Date

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Encouraging Civil Discourse

Trump Gets a Mug Shot

"Get a Great Effing Criminal Defense Lawyer"

The Most Important Issue in 2023

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Five Questions with Roberta Kaplan, Esq.

Mike Roman: Placing Obscure Co-Defendants

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

A Leak & A Disaster In The Making

Five Questions About Gerrymandering With Alabama Representative Chris England

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Chickens & RICO

Five Questions with 1st Amendment Expert Ted Boutrous

January 2: A Good Day For A Trial

The Outrage of the Day

It's Only Tuesday...

The Week Ahead

"If you go after me..."


How to Read the Indictment

The Week Ahead

A Superseding Indictment

Chickens vs. Playing Chicken

On Being Wrong

Republicans Want People Focused On Hunter Biden

"We will see you in court, Mr. President"

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About This Weekend...

A Surprise Indictment in Michigan

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Chickens & Cats

Closing Out A Bad Week For Trump

Two Legal Issues

Tommy Tuberville: What's Wrong With the Republican Party

The Week Ahead

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Do You Love Me?

Newly Unredacted Parts of the Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant

Legacy Status and the End of Affirmative Action

The Week Ahead

Enough with the Court

History Rhymes Again

Best & Highest Use

A Good Day in Court for the Manhattan DA

Five Questions with Former Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal

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Chicken Catch Up

Candidates and Court Calendars

Thanks for All the Fish

Hunter Biden & The Rule of Law

Discovery in Criminal Cases

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Five Questions with Steve Schmidt

A Surprise From SCOTUS

Chickens Come Home to Roost

Handling Classified Material at Trial

The Week Ahead

Five Questions with . . . Mary Trump

Indicted by the Feds

A Little Civil Discourse

Today in Trump

The Week Ahead: Civil Discourse Turns One!

The Smart Move

A little summer reading

Can we call it fascism yet?

Good Intentions & Chickens

An encouraging study: Fox News viewers can change their minds

The Week Ahead

The Week Ends with Chickens

Today in America: Trump Can’t Help Himself

Standing Up to the Bully, Again

The Week Ahead

Lunch Companions

A Little Optimism in the Middle of a Lot of Mess

Clarence Thomas, Still There

Bad News from Florida

The Week Ahead

An Event: In Conversation with Steve Schmidt

The Tragicomedy of George Santos and the GOP

How do you fill a vacancy in the House?

On to the Rest of the Week

The Week Ahead

Five Questions with Vanderbilt Law Professor Lisa Bressman

Domestic Terrorists: Convicted

Today in America

The Access Hollywood Tape and the Jury

The Week Ahead

The North Carolina Supreme Court Signs Off on a Political Gerrymander

Five Questions with Brandi Buchman on the Proud Boys Trial

Carroll, Continued

Misogyny Abounds

Five Questions with Eric Holder

The Week Ahead

Not Quite Midnight at the Supreme Court

Trump on Trial

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Weekend Chickens

For Founding Members

Abortion Update

Substack Notes?

Alvin Bragg goes after Jim Jordan

The Week Ahead

No More Mifepristone


Civil Discourse?


Trump v. The Rule of Law

The Week Ahead


We all need a break

The Week Ahead

Why Waco?

A nightmare for women in Idaho could be coming to all of us soon

Waiting on Manhattan

The Week Ahead


Manhattan: Can Trump delay prosecution with pre-trial hijinks?

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Five Questions with Marc Elias

Welcome to New York

Slander and Lies

Everything from BS to Hate

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Five Questions with George Takei

Unresolved Questions: The FBI and January 6

The Attorney General and the Oversight Hearing

News from the Coop

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Judge Luttig Weighs In

Tell Us Who You Are, Mark Brnovich

Can a state criminal case get transferred to federal court?

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So, about the chickens...

Lots to See Here

More About Mike

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Who Weaponized the Federal Government?

Next Week, New Coop!

They wanted to take down the power grid. Now they’re facing federal charges.

State of the Union Address (Legal Edition)

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Putting More Guns in the Wrong Hands

DOJ Draws a Line

What’s up in Manhattan?

Monday Is for Chickens

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The Importance of Video

Finding the way

And, there’s more...


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Don’t Look Up

But those visitor logs...

About the chickens...

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One of these things is not like the other

But there’s more...

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How Does the First Day of a New Congress Work?

For How Long?

A correction

Stand up to the bully

Understanding the Report

Happy 2023