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The Report

“Unfit for Any Office”

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But it’s unprecedented...

A Little Good News

Silencing the Journalists

Good Trouble, Bad Trouble

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Six Months

The Week Ahead

Are The Frogs Boiled?

Inching Closer to Justice

11th Circuit to Trump: You’re Not Above the Law!

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This Week at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

Happy Thanksgiving

Why prosecutors are entitled to Mike Pence’s testimony

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A Saturday with Chickens

A lot for a Tuesday

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Democrats Hold the Senate—and the Ability to Appoint Federal Judges

A Red Trickle

Too Sensitive?

The Week Ahead

Can the Government Convict the Oath Keepers?

Thank You For Being Here

A Tale of Two Arizona Voter Intimidation Cases

Things That Happened Today

The Week Ahead

Assaulting a Federal Official's Family Member

In Praise of the Federal Judiciary

Chickens and Witnesses

The Week Ahead

The January 6 Committee Lays Out A Conspiracy

Steve Bannon Gets Sentenced

The Attorney-Client Privilege Doesn't Apply To Committing Crimes

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It's Fall And The Midterms Are Upon Us

DOJ Responds To Trump

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A Little Personal News

When Clients Break Bad...

The Week Ahead

Judge Cannon Serves Trump Some Cake

Today in Chickens

The Oath Keepers Go To Trial

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Today in Chickens

Chalk Another One Up For The Rule Of Law

Heading Into Tuesday

Will the 11th Circuit Trump Trump?

Women Don't Need To Be Told How They'll Vote

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Lazy Saturdays

DOJ's Motion For A Stay Explained

It Just Keeps Getting Worse

Chickens, TikTok & Transcripts

A Dark Brandon Kind of Weekend

Trump in Trouble

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Tomorrow Before Noon

All The (former) President's Lies

The Hotel Georgia

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Hi & Thanks

Is Merrick Garland Right?

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Some Happy Chicken News

Engaging in Civil Discourse


Name The Chicken

Idaho You're Out Of Control

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Nothing Serious

187 Minutes

A Little Law: Federal Sentencing Guidelines

A Little Unexpected Excitement Around Here

Witness Intimidation


We Don't Have To Respect Dumb

The State Of The Supreme Court Is....

Catching My Breath

A Surprise Hearing


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Today Is For Sadness & Anger

Four Down

Hearings And Opinions

Hearing Number Three

Looking Ahead: What's Next for the January 6 Committee

A Few Thoughts As We Head In

A Little Break

The First January 6 Committee Hearing

Keeping Focus On More Than One Issue

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