A Saturday with Chickens


I had good intentions today. I planned to get a lot of work done. And, I did, in a way. I cleaned the chicken coops from top to bottom and reorganized my shed, which was, of course, just an excuse for spending hours outdoors on a beautiful, brisk winter day. The newest baby chicks, Cleo & Florence (below, ready for bed with one of their moms), had their first full day of running around in the yard and free ranging. They really enjoyed themselves.

Bella, my German Shepherd, was incredibly watchful as the babies romped around the yard and imitating the big chickens’ scratching. She always tickles me when she plays guard dog. And although I’d intended to get some serious research and writing done, before our human chicks come home for the holiday, I let most of the day slip away doing nothing more meaningful that cutting back a plant here and there and sitting down for a serious chat with a chicken now and then.

It’s the kind of day we all owe ourselves after the midterms, to say nothing of the last five years, and especially with what’s ahead. As much as I want to celebrate the outcome of the elections, I know that the stories we heard were the successes. The Michigans, Pennsylvanias and Nevadas. We didn’t hear much about the states where super conservative majorities have a virtual lock on state courts and state politics. States that will end all abortion rights, prohibit medical care for trans youth, make voting more difficult for many of us and implement other laws and policies that take us backwards, not forwards. I never expected the 2020s to be like the 1950s.

I hope you can find some time for yourself this weekend or in the holiday week ahead to recharge your batteries and have some fun. We deserve it and we’re going to need it to sustain us over the next few months.

So I’ll leave for tomorrow some thoughts I wanted to share with you all about the special counsel appointment for the January 6 and Mar-a-Lago investigations. But in the meantime, I hope you’ll share your thoughts with me—thoughts about the special counsel, how you’re finding time for yourself and anything else that’s on your mind. I always go into Thanksgiving week feeling optimistic (the prospect of pecan pie does that to me), but I’d love to hear your thoughts and especially create some space for people who won’t be able to celebrate with friends or loved ones this year.

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