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In the hush of dawn, with a sky so vast,

Joyce finds solace, a break from the past.

With her morning brew, rich and fine,

She sits in her garden, where ivies entwine.

There's a rooster, proud with a comb so red,

Strutting about, with a dignified tread.

His feathers a mix, of grey shades light and dark,

In the morning tableau, he's the hallmark.

Perched near Joyce's chair, he's a sight to see,

With a bun in his beak, as happy as can be.

This scene, so quaint, in the first light's glow,

Brings a story to life, with a natural flow.

Together they sit, in the new day's birth,

A duo that symbolizes the joys of the earth.

With every nibble, a bond they weave,

In the canvas of morning, they both believe.

His eyes gleam with wisdom, old as time,

A feathered sage in his prime.

Joyce, with a chuckle, watches him play,

In her heart, he brightens the day.

As the garden wakes, with chirps and hums,

To this daily ritual, the neighborhood succumbs.

Joyce and her rooster, in their peaceful reign,

In this backyard, their world, simple and plain.

Here, in the embrace of nature's arms,

Lies a charm that never harms.

In Joyce’s garden, with her feathery friend,

Life’s simple joys, on them, depend.

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I want to come back as a Joyce Vance chicken!

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The way she eats that, I really see the chicken-dinosaur lineage in action.

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Planning is the key to success. Happy chicken. Happy life.

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My husband and I were just in Kauai and met their famous chickens. He sat down to eat his bagel and decided to offer one of the very interested chickens a piece of it. To his surprise it took the whole thing!

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Joyce Vance: Your friend looks so happy sharing her roll with you, Ms Vance, as she generously takes only her share, and lets you have the rest with your husband.

Your garden and coop are well governed with guardian kitties and dog and a well-populated flock of friends.

I still see a child's book in the making with water-colors accompanying the long story of daily life in a just government with the hierarchy of dog and kitties ruling of the chickens, by the chickens, and for the chickens shall not perish from the earth.

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Thank you for lightening my mood from the beet red state of Indiana. ( At least we don’t have Tuberville) Thank you for your brilliant coverage of the issues we all care about!

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What a great way to start your day! Thanks for asking. I’m enjoying a peaceful morn with my recent rescue, Adira, 2 yo pit/mix-sweetheart and so smart, on the back porch listening to birds and waterfalls. Adira is 💤!

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Joyce, you remind me of an older friend of mine who had a handful of Guinea hens and a lone rooster named Fire. I came to know her through her chickens when I volunteered to “chicken sit” whenever she would travel. They had amazing personalities like yours do and we’re quite entertaining. Birds are smarter than most people give them credit for. Thanks for the video of this sweet little hen sharing breakfast with you. It made me laugh remembering my good friend Dee, who passed years ago. 🥰🐣

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Thanks for the smiles. And thank you for all you do to keep your readership informed!

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When stressed I approached breakfast pastries just like your chicken. Sometimes, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

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Q: Why did the chicken eat the pastry? A: It wanted sustenance before crossing the road

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I admire you making a safe place in your mind to escape the insanity of the law and Trumps trials. My wife and I used to start, with coffee, listening to a sermon for the 50's, with Jimi (our love dog) who was certain we did this all to help his morning nap. He was 14, and a few weeks ago we had to help (with vet) to his eternal rest. We are not going to get a new pet as I need to travel next year, the launch of our platform, the election year etc. I guess vicarious living with you and your chickens it will be! May I ask that you encourage them to pray for an 85% turnout of (I) and (R) voters in Iowa. This is the only path I see to restoring sanity to our democracy. Trump MUST be 4th, or lower, to wake the media up to the fact he IS NOT (R's) choice. He is MAGA's choice and they are less than 15% of America.

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And THIS is why I love the Joyce Vance community: 1200 Likes and 164 Comments for a 20-second chicken eating pastry video! This is the BEST start to the weekend. Thanks, Joyce, and all.

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Thank you for sharing your morning ritual with all of your fans, some even have wings. Nothing beats fresh baked muffins with hot beverage in the morning. We are in this together. I have 29 minutes at 425 degrees before my muffins are ready.

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I love you Joyce Vance!

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