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I know, I know


So many of you have commented, emailed, or written this past week to say you need more chicken pictures. I know! I’m delivering today.

Our late summer garden can get messy, and with the heat down here, lots of plants are looking more than a little bit droopy at this point. But the chickens are survivors! They’ve made it all the way up from the bottom of our yard, where the coop and lots of plantings just for them are located, up to the patio behind my office. They’re decimating all of the tender herbs and vegetables that are still growing. Cherry tomatoes have been a special favorite.

Left to right, that’s Leeda, Toot, Omeleta, and Guida. They all know their names and sometimes, they come when you call them. More frequently, they just give you side eye, as if to ask whether you’ve brought treats

Scotch, our rooster, continues to be as annoying as he is beautiful. He’s taken a particular dislike to my work boots, which he pecks at when I walk past. I have no idea what the thought process is there, or if there even is one. But he’s sweet to his girls, which is all that matters.

I spent most of the afternoon working outside, and was rewarded when I realized that several of the chickens were very interested in a little patch in one of my beds. Tucked in between some lemon balm and horehound, hidden by a tomato vine that had take over the area, I found this little nest of eggs. At this point in the year, when they’re able to free range for long periods of time, some of the chickens take great delight in doing this. To me, it’s like finding unexpected art in the garden.

We all deserve a little distraction from time to time.

Later this week, I’ll be heading to Austin, Texas, for the Tribune Festival, where I’ll be on a couple of panels. If you’re in Austin, I hope I’ll see you there. Please come up and say hi! The travel may mean I write a little bit less for the remainder of the week, but no worries—I’ll be here if anything big breaks.

We’re in this together,



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